• Pet sitting now available

    Quality care in your home

    Relax on your next vacation knowing that your pet's are safe in their own homes while you are gone. 

    We will check on your pet's as often as you want while you are gone. 

    play time

    we will play with your pet's or just relax on the couch with them. Whatever they need. 

    We will also check on your house , bring in the paper or the mail and water the plants

    Walks available

    We also offer daily walks while you are gone. $25 for 30 minute walks. useful also when you are away all day at work and the dog needs to be walked. 

    Call or email for more information and to book your reservation.

    $15 for 30 minute pet sitting visit. No charge for additional pets . $5 charge for every additional 15 minutes over original 30 minute visit because of additional pets.